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 Corporate Massage

I would like to take the opportunity to explain the types of services that Moyne Mobile Massage can offer individuals and groups.

Please find following, information of treatments, costs and requirements.

I feel it is important for corporate clients to have a full understanding of what I have to offer as it is a relatively new area. Some employers use it to reward their team and/or to improve staff morale. Some employees organise and pay for it themselves. Often there are co-contributions.

Thank you once again for the opportunity. Please feel free to contact me on

0431 709 117   or at  if you wish further information.

Yours sincerely.

Michael J. Davey

Massage Therapist

T.A. Moyne Mobile Massage


*a minimum ½ day visit is preferred but can be negotiated...I’m flexible.

I can be flexible with my pricing if you have a small workplace and only require a few treatments.

20 minute clothed seated massages have been popular in smaller workplaces and I am happy to attend your workplace for a minimum of 5 clients for $100....20 minutes/$20.00.

The clothed, seated massage is a perfect introduction to massage for those clients who haven’t experienced massage before.

*20 minute clothed seated massage (the client sits on an apparatus and receives the massage through the clothes) including head, neck, shoulders and back.   $20

*Face, feet and hands. Lay clothed on my table, covered with a towel and be pampered with various oils for 20 minutes.  $20.

(Seated massage and the hand/feet/face massage are not positioned as a therapy or treatment, but as a simple relaxation/stress reduction/loosening-up technique.)

Table Treatments

*15 minutes on the massage table with your choice of fragrant oil.  $20.

*30 minutes on the massage table with your choice of fragrant oils. $45.

*45 minute massage on the table with your choice of fragrant oils. $50.

*1 hour massage on the table with your choice of fragrant oils. $60.

Treatments can be relaxing, loosening, deep-tissue or a combination.

Sorry, remedial treatments are not available in corporate packages.

The quality of the treatments given in corporate situations are identical to those given to private clients.

*a minimum ½ day visit is preferred but can be negotiated.

*for clothed seated and face, hands and/or feet treatment, I require at least 5-10 minutes between changeovers for cleaning, discussion etc.

*for table treatments, at least 10 minutes changeover time is required for cleaning, change of towels and pre/post discussions.

*My working hours of  9-5 (give or take) can be altered to suit. eg. consider your lunch time, an earlier/later start/finish etc. I am pretty flexible. I do not require any lengthy lunch breaks. Once I begin work, I prefer to keep working.

*A ½ day consists of about four hours. A full day consists of about eight hours.

*A history form  needs to be completed before table massages.

*A  “random or one-off” form  needs to be completed before a clothed seated and face, hands and/or feet treatment.

*I offer a range of scented oils..relaxing, invigorating, circulation and warming. I also have unscented oil.

*After the 20 minute clothed, seated massage, the most popular treatment is the 30 minute brisk, circulation and loosening up massage of neck, shoulders, back and lower back.

Basically, I require you to devise a timetable of clients, the treatments required and times using the guidelines included. I try to keep to the timetable as much as possible, and it is important for clients to be punctual.

As a guideline, usually the first time I attend a workplace, most clients choose the 20 minute clothed, seated massage because that is what they feel most comfortable with, and if I return to a workplace, many clients then request a table treatment as they feel more comfortable after they have met me and have seen what I do and how I do it. Building of trust is an important aspect of massage therapy. However, I have been to workplaces where many clients request a table treatment using oils on skin as their first treatment.

The client’s safety, privacy and confidentiality are my highest priorities.

All I require is a quiet, private room. I have been happy to set up in a corner of a work space/office if needed. I supply everything else.



CORPORATE MASSAGE – An Industry within an Industry.

Corporate Massage has evolved considerably over the past ten years. Many employers are now selling jobs by offering weekly massages as a part of new employee packages.

For years corporate massage has been referred to as seated chair massage only. Seated massage is commonly the most convenient and appropriate treatment to offer for the workplace, as it generally requires no removal of clothing. However the Corporate Massage industry is evolving and now business owners and company managers seek new and exciting ways to attract, retain and reward employees alongside preventing injury and promoting overall employee wellbeing.

The offerings that corporate massage now have are popular and quickly becoming customary. Offering staff the opportunity to receive regular onsite massages demonstrates that management genuinely care about their employee’s wellbeing and that care now extends far beyond the traditional duty of care.

As the average working hours in a day keep extending, corporate massage is in some cases used as an antidote for work-related stress which can contribute to depression. And depression, which is the leading cause of disability worldwide, reduces the productivity of employees, increases the frequency of worker absences and can lead to premature retirement.

Where is Corporate Massage currently taking place?

Whilst corporate massage usually takes place at the location of employment, many employers are now offering the service in more ways than one and by many different means, sometimes not only offering the massage to staff, but to customers and potential clients as well.

  • Trade shows – Often trade show exhibitors employ a corporate massage therapist or a team of therapists to add excitement and generate interest at their site. Some corporate massage companies even offer a video massage chair where companies offer free seated massages to trade show visitors, who listen and watch a pre-recorded product information presentation alongside receiving their massage. 
  • Health and Wellbeing programs – This is one of the most popular forms of corporate massage today. Usually an empty board room or office is transformed into a relaxation station for the day and depending on the size of the company either 15 minute neck and shoulder massages or 20 – 60 minute table massages can be on offer. Regular massages relieve employee’s soreness, aches and stiffness, due to posture tension from sitting at a computer for long periods of time.
  • Massage Clinic’s, Day Spa’s & Health Retreats – Some companies don’t have the space required to facilitate onsite table massage so they pay for staff to visit professional massage clinics and day spas for their weekly or monthly treatments.
  • Festivals – Whether it’s free or for a fee, massage is a real crowd pleaser at festivals. On offer could be table massage for sore legs from walking, standing or dancing or a quick 10 minute seated pick me up to re-energise recipients for the rest of the event.
  • Sporting Events – Table massage is often popular at sporting events and approximately 10 – 20 minutes in duration. Massages can be offered throughout the whole event with participants choosing when they would like to receive their massage, either prior to, during or at completion of their event.
  • Community Events – Many community organisations use seated massage as a fund raising tool. Some corporate massage companies offer cheaper rates on these occasions. ACM often has students participating in community events.
  • Conferences – Many delegates at conferences have hours of presentations and workshops to sit through. Companies often employ a corporate therapist to provide 5 – 10 minute seated massages in this situation seated massage usually work’s best at conferences as it caters for the masses and with a team of therapists hundreds of delegates can receive some form of treatment.
  • Board & Department Meetings – Some companies employ a corporate massage therapist to give a pre-meeting 10 – 15 minute seated massage prior to monthly meetings, it helps to get the managers more balanced and focused in preparation for the meeting.
  • Product launch’s – Generally seated massage is offered at product launches. It is a great addition as it is active and everyone likes receiving something for free – especially massage!
  • Art Exhibition launch’s – There is an art to massage and seated massage also brings flair to Art Exhibition launches, also foot massage is great for the ladies in high heels and the lads that have been standing for hours viewing art.
  • Conventions - seated massage during lunch and tea breaks reward delegates who have been sitting and concentrating for long periods of time. The massage also relieves sore shoulders for delegates with full show bags.
  • Call Centres – commonly roaming massage is used at call centres, that is where the therapist/s roam around the office floors and offer a 10 – 15 minute seated massage on the spot at the recipients work station.
  • Social club events – Many company social club’s employee a corporate therapist to attend their club gatherings – such as BBQ’s etc… most social club schemes are 100% employee contributed so they like to spend their money well.
  • Other examples of when companies organise corporate massage for staff may include:
    Employee Reward Schemes
    Team Building
    Project Completion
    Employee of the Month Celebrations
    Periods of Increased Stress/Deadlines

Is Corporate Massage always seated?

Not anymore! A number of employers believe that the benefits of weekly, fortnightly and even monthly massages are so beneficial to their employees that they actually pay for them to have full 1 hour treatments regularly at massage clinics or day spas. Or alternatively they transform an empty meeting room into a temporary clinic for a day periodically for staff to enjoy anything from 20 – 60 minutes on a massage table, rather than the traditional seated massage.

In the past two years many corporate massage businesses have been kept busy extending their treatment menu’s offering more of a variety of treatments as the demand continues to grow.

Some corporate massage companies are even offering additional services such as on-site group yoga, tai chi, pilates, stretch classes, laughter classes, personal training, reflexology, foot massage, dietician appointments, naturopathic appointments, flu vaccinations and general blood tests (conducted by registered nurses). The trend of employers taking responsibility for their staff’s health is growing and is definitely here to stay.

Who pays for Corporate Massage?

Either companies pay 100% of the cost, or the company and employees each pay a percentage o

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