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MOBILE MASSAGE - The doorbell rings... I’s time!

Mobile Massage – What is it?

Mobile Massage is where the Massage Therapist comes to your home, hotel room or your work (massage at work is more commonly referred to as Corporate Massage in recent years).

Mobile massage is a suitable option for anyone. Whether the client just prefers the comfort of their own surrounds or they may even have an injured family member that requires massage treatment and they are not in a position to comfortably leave the house - they don’t need to, the therapist can come to them.

Mobile Massage Kit – Preparation Checklist

Listed below is everything that you will need to prepare to create the “perfect environment” for the ultimate rejuvenating mobile massage experience.

Especially for the recipient

  • Turn your mobile phone off and put your home phone ringer on silent and answering machine.
  • Have a warm shower 30 mins prior to the start time.
  • Prepare a quiet room for the massage (lounge room)– no distractions, if you have children organise someone to look after them – or organise the massage during a time when they are not in your care, eg. at school
  • Have 15 minutes quiet time prior to the Therapist arriving.
  • Try to not eat a large meal within 2 hours before your massage.
  • Dim the lights or turn a lamp on.
  • Have some nice relaxation music playing at a peaceful volume level – if you don’t have any the therapist will generally bring some.
  • If you have an aromatherapy vaporiser, vaporise your favourite essential oils. Again the therapist can usually bring some with them if requested.
  • Have the massage room warm – approx 21 degrees
  • If you would like to prolong the relaxation experience after the therapist departs have a face mask ready for application, order a home delivered meal and relax without the distraction of TV. Just listen to some of your favourite laid back music or read a magazine or book. You may just prefer to have an early night in bed. The quality of your sleep after a massage is definitely worth a couple of extra hours.

Why do some clients prefer receiving Mobile Massage?

  • No hassles with the hustle and bustle of peak hour traffic – or any traffic for that matter! The therapist deals with all of the traffic issues and therefore the recipient can be in a complete state of relaxation upon the therapists arrival, throughout the treatment and then maintaining being in their relaxed state as long as they like upon treatment completion!
  • Depending on the location of the nearest Massage Clinic, some clients would prefer to head straight home from work rather than detour to their nearest clinic. A number of factors drive this theory - including parking arrangements in busy streets.
  • Whilst on holidays many clients would prefer to have mobile therapists come to them in their motel room.
  • Holiday-makers are generally unfamiliar with the area and would prefer to be found by a local therapist rather than out looking up street maps to find a clinic. They’re supposed to be on holidays! Many hotels now offer their own Day Spa facilities to guests, from which a mobile therapist can also be sought.
  • Some people just generally feel more relaxed being in there own surroundings – they have a sense of comfort.
  • The timing of mobile massage schedules is often quite flexible, depending on the therapist. Rather than sticking to the general 9am – 5pm business hours, most mobile massage therapists offer appointment times till late (approx 9pm). This allows the busy worker time to go shopping have a hit of tennis and arrive home in time for a refreshing shower and dinner, followed by a massage before an amazing nights sleep.
  • Once a good working partnership has been established with a particular therapist, most mobile massage clients report looking forward to their weekly or fortnightly massages and they feel that they have an extra support system in their life.
  • Some clients have young children, even breastfeeding babies and they prefer to be at home to have their massage. They usually schedule the massage in-between feeds.

Why do some therapists prefer offering Mobile Massage?

  • Flexible hours – they can literally work as little or as much as they like and THEY choose their own hours of work! A great example is that they can work mornings and evenings during the summer and spend the afternoons at the beach! Sounds pretty good!
  • Many mobile massage therapists report having more than one client at most private house/apartment bookings. A number of mobile massage therapists have reported giving monthly or fortnightly massages to whole families they massage mum and dad and then the teenage children! Four times the pay and four times the satisfaction! Just imagine leaving a whole family feeling relaxed!
  • There is also flexibility on what the therapist can offer! A new craze of Relaxation Hen’s days, Massage Party Plans and Movie & Massage days are starting to emerge with many mobile therapists booking out for whole days at client functions and parties, either massaging the whole bridal party or massaging a clients feet whilst her two best friends feet are soaking and they’re all watching a movie! A great environment to work in – these therapists are watching a movie whilst at work!
  • No day is the same for a mobile massage therapist. Each day they are in different surroundings – maybe even a new part of town! They sometimes get to see the inside of the most lavish rooms at 5 star Hotels and occasionally they find themselves in eight bedroom mansions or on a deck massaging away whilst watching a beautiful sunset. Basically mobile therapists get to meet many people in their own unique environment and sometimes that environment blows them away!
  • Instant cash – payment upon completion.
  • Some Massage Therapists work in a clinic part of the week and sub-contract themselves to a mobile massage company for a number of days a week. This supplements their income and gives them a change of surrounds.
  • Mobile massage = less overheads. For full-time mobile massage therapists they don’t have the overheads of a clinic rental or ownership, they’re not paying for electricity/water/gas and in some cases they don’t even have to supply the towels! You could add the cost of fuel into the equation but depending on the distance, most mobile massage therapists have extra costs associated with extra km’s travelled outside their general area – so it’s pretty much covered.
  • The freedom of driving in-between jobs and being outdoors is nicer than sitting in between four walls waiting for the next client to arrive.

Your clients are always on time! It’s up to you to schedule travel time in-between clients.

Benefits of a mobile massage for the client.
Just got back from providing a treatment for a client at the client's home.....The fire was roaring, the wind was howling, the rain was pelting the roof and the windows and it was freezing cold outside! The client was grateful she didn't have to venture outside and was able to happily slip into her dressing gown afterwards and relax for the rest of the day.

Don't feel guilty about calling me out during adverse weather conditions or at night (or on Sunday morning, or public holidays.....) It's what I do and have been happily doing so for over 10 years.
Reminds me of a treatment a few years ago at a client's home. Half way through a relaxation massage, the client let out a big sigh and said......"I'm here in the lounge room having a massage, my husband is in the kitchen cooking dinner....what more could a girl want!!!"

There are many advantages in receiving massage in your own home.

·    You get the full benefits from your massage by being able to relax straight after your treatment and not undo all the great work of your therapist by getting back into your car.


·   You are able to relax in comfortable and familiar surroundings.


·     No stress of having to drive through traffic to get to your appointment.


·     No need to worry about parking (or parking fees).


·     Saves money on petrol and car running costs.


·     If you are drowsy or tired after your massage you can lay on your own bed and sleep after your therapist leaves.


·    You can have the temperature of your home suited to your requirements.


·   You are able to have a relaxing shower or bath in your own home after massage.


·    No waiting around in a waiting room for your appointment.


   You can choose your own favourite music.



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