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By Greg Kennedy

 Where are the tough guys? That independent lot who believe that if they tough it out their body   will take care of itself; those blokes who would rather tinker for two hours with the drain than call the plumber. These are the exact guys who should appreciate Bowenwork┬« because it starts a process that puts them in the driver's seat. Your body is the authority on what it needs and has an amazing untapped ability to repair itself. Bowenwork tells it the emergency is over, rolls out its original blueprint, gives you a kick in the pants and says "do what you need to do to make it  right."

 The real work takes place during the next 5-10 days after a session, when every system of your body joins in to make repairs. You are doing the work, not somebody else pushing or pulling or pouring drugs into your system because they think it's what you need. Your body has the biggest pharmaceutical warehouse in the world in-house. It can and will make structural changes, soften and loosen scar tissue, reduce pain and unwind the compensations it set in place when it was adapting to injuries. Your body can work on an injury compensation pattern or it can work on a healing pattern. It's time to stop acting like it was hurt and start acting like it's  healing.

From a computer perspective, Bowen runs a system check and then reboots those programs that are chemically or structurally or nervously running bad code. The actual session involves giving the body  some discrete information through groups of moves over tendons, nerves and muscles and then waiting a couple of minutes before adding more. (Don't start beating on the keyboard while a program is loading. Also don't try to give it too much information or the system will lock up and nothing will  happen.) New patterns then run 24/7 for 5-10 days making changes, unless   interrupted.

 Things that can slow down or stop the healing process are other bodywork sessions (including additional Bowenwork too soon), hot water and ice (messes with the normal temperature range that the   body must be able to function in), magnets (not any computer's friend). Sometimes when the pain disappears and motion returns people overdo it before they regain a level of fitness, and consequently re-injure themselves.

Some may think that they have a job or do something that will always irritate a condition. "Just another six years until I retire and then my back (or whatever) won't hurt." It's really about setting

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